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"Before my laser surgery, I snored so loudly that my wife was forced to regularly leave the bedroom and my children and friends also complained. Since the laser surgery I snore no more and my wife and family are happy. I also wake up feeling more refreshed and during the day I am aware that my normal breathing feels easier."

Mr. Henry FREEMAN - Friday, February 10 2012

"Just one week after having laser surgery for my snoring and sleep apnea problem, I am sleeping better than I can ever remember. I no longer snore and I wake feeling refreshed as my sleep is no longer disrupted.

Six years before the surgery I was given a CPAP machine which I could never tolerate. When I enquired about surgery then, the sleep physician said it would not help me. I wish I had had the surgery six years ago. The surgery is uncomfortable and it took about six days until I felt about 100%.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone with a snoring and sleep apnoea problem"

Mr. John Bourne - Saturday, January 21 2012

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