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Your Rhinoplasty Operation

Doctor Bridger operates in the eastern suburbs at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital as well as his public hospital appointment at a visiting medical officer at the Prince of Wales Hospital. He also operates in the Sutherland shire at Kareena and President Private hospitals.

Patients are admitted to hospital for the surgery on the day of their operation. Doctor Bridger will visit you prior to your surgery and will again discuss with you the nature of the proposed operation and whether you have any final questions or concerns and you will also be visited by his anaesthetist.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic. Usually rhinoplasty surgery takes about two hours but of course this time may vary depending on what is required for your nose.

Occasionally a dressing may be placed in your nose at the time of surgery to keep the framework of the nose intact and a thermoplastic splint will be applied over the outside of your nose at the end of the operation.

Typically patients will spend one night in hospital following the operation and if a dressing has been placed this will be removed the next morning prior to going home.

Some bruising and swelling over the nose and around the eyes is to be expected after a rhinoplasty operation. Doctor Bridger will give you instructions on medications to take and a post-operative care plan for your nose will be provided prior to your discharge from hospital.

Antibiotics are given to limit the rare possibility of bleeding or infection after surgery. Post operative appointments will have been arranged by his staff with you prior to the surgery.

Dr Bridger and his staff are always contactable should there be any concerns regarding your nose at this time. Typically the first postoperative appointment is scheduled for seven to nine days after your surgery.

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