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Your Consultation

At the time of your first consultation Doctor Bridger will question you extensively regarding issues pertaining to both the appearance and function of your nose. He will take a detailed history including a history of any previous nasal surgery that you may have had and any past or current medications that you are using for your nose.

He will be very interested not only in your concerns regarding problems with the appearance of your nose but also with any concerns that you are experiencing regarding its function.

He will perform a comprehensive examination which may include the use of a fibreoptic endoscope to examine your internal nose. Digital photographs will be taken at the time of the consultation. Doctor Bridger will use image morphing software to discuss with you and show to you potential changes that may be possible with rhinoplasty surgery to your nose if he feels such surgery is appropriate. It is important to note that imaging may not give an exact representation of what it is possible to achieve with rhinoplasty surgery.

If there are functional and/or medical issues pertaining to your nose such as sinusitis or nasal allergy Doctor Bridger may initiate treatment for these and may organise for you to have imaging studies such as a CT scan.

Occasionally patients require internal nasal or sinus surgery to improve nasal function or may require ongoing medical treatment for nasal conditions and Doctor Bridger has had extensive experience in all these areas. It may be necessary to undertake follow-up consultations prior to any surgery in order to manage these conditions.

If rhinoplasty surgery is planned the operation will be discussed with you in detail. Rhinoplasty is complex surgery but in general the operation fall into two categories - open and closed approaches.
  • With an open approach to rhinoplasty a small incision is placed between the nostrils (which leaves an almost invisible scar) otherwise all incisions are inside the nose.
  • With a close approach operation there is no external incision.

Doctor Bridger will discuss with you what he feels is the best approach to your operation. Surgery will frequently entail remodelling of the bony and/or cartilaginous structure of the external nose and commonly will also require work to be performed on the internal middle wall of the nose known as the nasal septum.

Doctor Bridger will discuss with you at length the particular techniques which he will employ to optimise the outcome for your nose. It may be necessary to add or remove cartilage from parts of the external nose and often cartilage is taken from the nasal septum in order to augment parts of the external nose. Occasionally it may be necessary to harvest cartilage either from a small incision in the ear or over a rib.

Doctor Bridger may recommend that artificial material be placed to optimize appearance. The particular benefits and risks of doing this will be discussed.

Information brochures regarding any proposed surgery will be supplied and discussed with you at the time of consultation. Doctor Bridger will encourage you to ask questions regarding any proposed management plan. He encourages patients to carefully consider any proposed surgery and is only too happy to see a patient for review consultation prior to a final decision about surgery being made.

It is very common for Dr Bridger to see a patient on two occasions prior to undertaking rhinoplasty surgery owing to the complexity of the surgery and the importance of the nose to facial appearance.

Doctor Bridger staff will supply you with a comprehensive quote regarding any proposed surgery. Often part of the cost of a functional rhinoplasty operation to improve both the function and appearance of the nose will be covered by both Medicare and your private health fund. If an operation has been booked with Doctor Bridger all the details pertaining to this will be discussed with you by his staff at the time of consultation.

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